The Thrill... The Challenge... Can You Escape?

The Escape Challenge

Can your team complete the mission and escape the room in under 60 minutes? Only a small percentage can!

Escape games are the newest craze sweeping the nation - a fun, team building, brain busting experience!

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What is the Escape Challenge?

Clocks, locks, and secret passages...Your team of 4-10 players are locked in a fully themed room with two goals; collect the hidden asset and escape the room before time runs out!  To complete your mission you will need your wits, teamwork, and a lot of critical thinking!!   Check out the video below to learn more. 


Group Team-Building

Escape Rooms are the perfect team-building event for every type of group.  From Church groups to Youth sports teams, Escape Challenge has the perfect challenge for your group.

Birthday Party

Do you remember what you did for your last birthday?  Let us lock you in a room with your friends this year.  You may not escape, but you will remember this forever.


Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Make and escape room mission part of your bachelor or bachelorette party?  Can the guys escape faster than the girls? 

Family Fun

An Escape Room mission will make your next family gathering a success.  Can your teenager and grandpa work together to crack the safe and recover the asset? 


Book your corporate event today!!

Are you looking for a new and exciting activity for your next corporate event?  Lock your team in a room!!

Does you team have what it takes to complete the mission and escape before time runs out?  It will take wits, puzzle solving, and lots of teamwork.  An Escape Challenge mission will make your next team building event a success. 

Whether your group is 4 or 100, Escape Challenge is the perfect team-building experience for your next group outing. 

Choose from 5 exciting missions

Norwegian Job - Heist Gold, Diamonds and Cash

Cartel Hostage Escape - Escape from a Cartel Safe House

Creature Room 2016 - Locked in a haunted house with a creature, can you escape before dinner time?

Dr. Eugene's Diagnosis - Can you create the antibody to save Dr. Eugene's life before time expires?

Bomb Maker's Apartment - NOW AVAILABLE

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